Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Nursery's Complete!

What a special surprise! Last weekend Brian and I were in Indianapolis attending a Jamfest Competition for his teams. On our way home, we stopped by Lexington for our usual doctor's appointment. As usual Dana, our nurse, checked my weight and blood pressure. Unfortunately both had increased in such a way over a short period of time that my doctor was a bit concerned. Teary-eyed, I left the office a bit bummed. Brian and I returned home shortly thereafter. As he hugged me in the hallway, he convinced me that looking at the baby's room would help make me feel better. Little did I know that Brian had his mom and dad secretly come down while we were out of town to decorate the nursery. When I opened the door I was completely in awe of how beautiful our little nursery looked. Sure I had some idea of what it might look like since Brian's mom Donna and I had picked out fabrics together, but I had no idea that she would be able to get it finished this early or make it as beautiful as it is. Brian and his parents did a very good job making the nursery the best surprise! Thanks Norm Pa and Donna Ma!

Brian and his dad worked all weekend to paint the pretty blush pink and light lime green walls. Brian handpainted all the pink and green polka dots along the winter white stripe around the room. I loved watching him work so hard to make the baby's room absolutely perfect.