Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking Back...

Hi Sweet Girl!

It seems like just yesterday I was writing to you on your birthday.  It's crazy how time goes by so quickly.  Life is staying busy these days.

Tonight Mommy spent some time looking back at some of your videos.  I haven't really done this too much since you have been gone but I'm finding it more enjoyable to remember the times we shared with you.  Tonight Mommy looked back at the clips from your earliest times.  Mommy watched clip after clip of your first weeks.   It's incredible to see how much your brother looks like you.  Even your little noises are similar. I wonder how much you will favor one another as he grows bigger?  Mommy will really enjoy watching him grow up.

Jack is nine weeks old.  Tomorrow he will be ten.  As I look back to the videos of you when you were this age I can't help but notice how Mommy and Daddy hung on every little sound and movement you made.  Whether you were cooing, trying to roll, or even fussing, Mommy and Daddy thought that everything you did was a big deal.  You can hear in our voices how proud we were of everything you did.  You were our very first, and boy did we enjoy everything about you!

We love you and miss you sweet girl...

 First Easter ~ 2009
                                                                                                          March ~2010

 Second Easter ~ 2010

Here are a few videos of you that made Mommy smile tonight. :)