Friday, December 11, 2015

A Camera

Christmas 2009 ~ You were 10 months old. 
Mommy finally saw them.  The two of them were running down the long corridor.  Thank goodness they made it just in time.  A feeling of relief rushed over Mommy.  It was passed to Daddy, and quick hugs and a kiss were exchanged. Mommy was so glad to have it. Mommy never could have imagined how important that moment would be, how precious of a gift it would become.

That was the night Mommy went into labor with you.  Three weeks early, Mommy was only partially prepared.  Our bags were packed, and we had one of our own, but the difference this one would make would mean so much. 

A camera.  This camera was the real deal.  Aunt Keshia had a good one, much better than Mommy’s. It was like the professionals.  It was quick to shoot and easy to focus.  The quality of the images was what Mommy was most excited about.  Thank goodness your Aunt Keshia and Grandma Trish made it in time for us to have a good camera. 

As the doctor was performing Mommy’s c-section, Daddy was prepared to take pictures of your grand entry.  The camera dangled from Daddy’s neck.  Mommy could tell he was a little nervous.  I think the anesthesiologist could too.  That’s when she asked if we would like for her to snap a few pictures for us.  Daddy was quick to say yes.  Mommy was glad he would be able to watch you enter this world with his own eyes, instead of through the lens of a camera.

The camera clicked away.  The dark room with the large spot-light on the main attraction made for the perfect pictures.  Mommy and Daddy joked later on that we should have paid that sweet anesthesiologist photography fees.  That’s just how good the pictures turned out.  It certainly didn’t hurt that we had a good camera.

Those pictures we have are so precious to us.

Fast forward to last week.  On Friday, December 4th your Aunt Keshia welcomed a baby boy, Felix, into this world.  This was the first baby she has had since Mommy became a mom.  As Mommy walked down the long corridor of the hospital with Grandma Trish by my side, Mommy thought back to the night you were born.  That image of Aunt Keshia and Grandma Trish rushing down the hall at the exact moment I was being whisked away to surgery was so vivid in my memory.  To think that a few seconds might have meant not capturing this moment, Mommy’s so glad they made it.

Mommy is so thankful for the sweet memories.  It’s these memories Mommy holds close.

Love you, miss you, and think of you often baby girl.

Meet your newest cousin, Felix.  Isn't he the cutest little thing? :)