Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phone Calls

One of your little sister's favorite things to do is to pretend to talk on the phone.  She mimics every move that she sees Mommy, Daddy, and Bobby do on the phone.  Whether it be pacing the floor like Daddy, holding her arm in the air to balance the phone on her shoulder like Bobby, or rambling on like Mommy, Layne LOVES to pretend to talk on the phone.  Talking on the phone is one of her favorite pastimes these days.

When you were several months old Mommy got you your very own little play phone.  It had just a few buttons and flipped open and closed.  You would carry it around the house. It was often a go-to toy for when we were running out the door.

Mommy remembers our trip to Nashville.  Mommy knew that it would be a long weekend away from home so I made sure to pack a variety of toys for you to choose from.  Among the ones I stashed in the bag, your little hot pink phone was along for the ride.  In the back of Mommy and Daddy's packed car everything you would need for our weekend away was there.  The pack-n-play, your favorite blanket, suitcases, snacks, and your bag of toys.

With each bump of the highway we would hear it.  Even the slightest hump would set it off. During your nap in the car it seemed to be louder than ever. "Dunt, dunna, nu, nu, dunt, dunt."  Your little phone sang the only song it knew.  Sweet, right?

At first Mommy and Daddy laughed.  After awhile, though, it started to get annoying.   Mommy remembers having to climb to the back of the car, dig through the heap of stuff we packed, and pull out your little phone.  At least in your hands we wouldn't have to hear it repeat so often.

Fast forward several months.  It was the fall of 2010.  Mommy can't remember when for sure, but I know it was just a few months after you had passed.  It was after Mommy and Daddy's friends cleared our house of all things that called baby.  From toys to cups, diapers to lotion.  It was all put away.  No toy was left out.  Not a sleeper, a towel, or even a sock of yours could be found.  Our friends took care of the task of putting it all away.

That's what made it such a surprise.  On one of those fall days Daddy picked up his guitar for the first time in a long time. To his surprise he heard a familiar tune.  Dunt, dunna, nu, nu, dunt, dunt.  It was your little toy phone and it was inside Daddy's guitar.   When Daddy shared this news with me I remember feeling overjoyed at first. It felt like a reminder that part of you was still near.  Shortly later, though, Mommy became sad. Not too long after, I started laughing through my tears.  The sound of that tune reminded me of our trip in the car.

 A few times Daddy had laid his guitar flat on the carpet for you.  With your little hands you would grab at the strings and make your own music.  You must have dropped your little phone inside without Daddy noticing.  Mommy loves that.

A few weeks ago Mommy cleaned out our junk drawer and came across two old cell phones.  They were ones Mommy and Daddy got the year you passed away.  Thinking Layne would love playing with a "real" phone, Daddy dug out the old chargers and plugged them into the wall. It didn't take too long for Layne to find the pictures and videos of you.

This past weekend, Layne had your friends Jacob and Lucas over for a playdate.  It was neat to watch Layne share her phones with your pictures and videos with them.  I'm sure part of it was the interest in a cell phone they were actually allowed to have, but Mommy likes to think they were all curious to learn more about you.  It was sweet seeing them watch you so intensely and hearing them say your name.

Isn't it too bad we all can't just call you in Heaven? Oh, how Mommy would give anything to talk to you.

Love you, miss you, and think of you always my sweet Kaden Layne.
Lucas, Kaden, & Jacob celebrating Daddy's birthday March 2010.

Jacob, Layne, & Lucas May 2013.

Daddy & Kaden on Daddy's birthday March 2010.

Kaden  - March 2010.