Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hi Sweet Girl~

It's been five months since you left us to be with Jesus. We miss you the same each day. Christmas will be here before we know it. We hung your stocking between ours and put up a little tree in your room so it would shine out your window. Mommy decorated it with silver and white ribbons and shimmery ornaments. A big silver bow and star on top makes the tree perfect for you. In some ways it makes us feel closer to you. Tomorrow we will bring you a little tree for your spot. It's extra special because it's the same little tree your Great Grandma Judy made for your cousin Bobby Jack and Great Grandpa's spots at the cemetery. After nearly 20 Christmas's, she said it was time to pass it on to you.

This week we learned you are getting a little sister. In many ways we are so excited to see how this sweet girl will be so much like you. We wonder will she have your pretty blue eyes or your chunky thighs? Will she have your laugh or your outgoing personality? Will she love to dance and talk and cuddle with bears? Will she wave like Ms. America as we walk the grocery aisles? Will she twirl her hair as she falls asleep and race to push the button on her glow worm just one more time? Will she get mad and stomp her feet when her Mommy and Daddy hug on each other? Will she love bubbles and babies and outside? Will she sleep well and love us the ways you did?

We hope that a little piece of you is part of her. More importantly, we hope we can show her just how special her big sis was to so many.

It's hard to believe how life has changed since this time last year. Who would ever think we could experience the best of life and the worst of life all in one year? With God's help we try to stay focused on all that we were blessed to have with you, not just what we're missing.

We hope you know how much we love and miss you sweet girl.

Love you...