Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing you...

Everyday we think about you, our sweet girl. We miss you so much. When we are out and see other little girls about your age we try to find parts of you in them. Today we heard squeaky shoes at the apple orchard. We miss that sound.

Daddy visits you almost everyday to water your spot. He works so hard to keep your spot looking nice. He put new grass seed and dirt down where the ground has settled. I made you a new pretty bow. My sweet girl always has to have a pretty bow.

Today you would have been 19 months and one day old. We wonder what new things you would be doing. I wonder how much longer you hair might be and what new words you would know. We wonder what you would have liked about the petting zoo at the apple festival today. Would you like to see the big camel and the little ponies? We know you would have LOVED the wagon ride and the sweet taste of the apple cider.

We miss you sweet girl and love you so very much.