Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Blue Dress

Today is your Grandma Trish's birthday. Today is also another day Mommy remembers you!

This past weekend we celebrated Easter with family. We dressed your baby sister, Layne, in one of your pretty dresses. We know it won't be long before she is not able to wear your special things. She is growing so fast.

Like many special days Mommy wore the crystal bracelet with your name. Mommy also wore a special dress.

Mommy bought that blue dress while shopping with you and our close friends at a little boutique in the Outer Banks. It was a crazy fun day with all your little friends. Mommy remembers seeing your Aunt Mary try the dress on first. Mommy thought it looked so pretty on her. I decided to try it on too! With Aunt Mary's permission, Mommy got the same pretty blue dress.

Mommy wore that dress for the first time just a few weeks later. It was a baby shower Mommy was helping to host. Mommy felt pretty in that dress that summer day.

A few weeks later, Mommy put that dress on again. It was date night for Mommy and Daddy. We got all dressed up that night to go to Mommy's friend's wedding near Cincinnati. Mommy felt pretty in that dress then too.

Throughout the reception Mommy and Daddy danced and smiled. Mommy talked about you to good friends and former colleagues. Mommy shared your pictures and stories. It was clear to see you were the light of my life.

Mommy felt like life couldn't get any better that night. As Mommy and Daddy drove home, a phone call changed it all.

That night Mommy held you for the last time wearing that blue dress.

For nearly a year that pretty blue dress hung wrinkled on a hanger by itself in the corner of the laundry room. For over a year that dress went unworn. Mommy wasn't sure if I would ever muster the courage to ever wear that dress again. I thought many times about giving it away. As pretty as it was, it was a reminder of that day.

When I think of Easter, I think of heaven and the promise of eternal life. When I think of heaven, I think of you. On Easter Sunday I wore that blue dress again for the first time. I felt happy that day knowing one day we will see you again.

Until then, we miss you the same.

Love you baby girl.