Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kaden Layne Harris ~ 3 months old

It's September 11th and I think of you, sweet girl. I also think of all the families who are remembering their lost loved ones today. All week long there have been special programs on television documenting the many men and women who lost their lives on this day ten years ago. I listen to their individual stories and hear about how their families have done their best to move on. Even though it is so different, Mommy and Daddy somehow relate to their pain.

Mommy has learned one for sure thing since that last night in July '10- loss is loss. No matter what kind, it all hurts. The emotions are the same. The fullness, the hope, the love, the affection are all lost or changed forever.

The one good that comes from Mommy's experience of having and losing you is this - I feel for others in a way I never knew how to before. When I look at people now I often wonder in what ways they have been changed by life. I know now that everybody truly is somebody to someone. You are my special somebody and I will never forget you.

As time passes and your little sister grows, Daddy and I are overjoyed by sweet memories of you. Layne certainly has her own personality and features, but it's so easy to find a little of you in her, too. We love that so much.

Sometimes Mommy shows Layne your videos. It's neat to see her stare at you. I wonder what she's thinking when she watches you play, squeel, and laugh? I wonder what it would have been like to have you here with her. I bet you would have loved her so much. I bet she would have loved you too.

We sure miss you sweet Kaden Layne...