Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pictures of You

"I want to see Kaden, Daddy!"

Your little sister often asks.  As Daddy pulls out his wallet, Layne smiles with delight.  She loves to look at the pictures Daddy keeps of you in there.  The one of Daddy tickling you on vacation.  The one of you smiling big as Daddy pushed you on the swing.  Layne studies the photos and names the people in each one.  Mommy and Daddy are quick to share the sweet memories from those times we had with you.

When we talk about you, Layne often says, "I want to hug her!" The first time she said this, Mommy almost cried.  All Mommy could think was Boy, I want to hug her, too!  Pictures and memories of Mommy holding you flash in my mind. What would I give to have just one more squish of those chunky legs or feel one more squeeze with your tiny arms around my neck?  Each time I feel your sister's squeeze, I feel a little of you.  It's not the same, but it sure does help Mommy to remember.

"Where is Kaden?"

What Mommy loves best of all is how Layne answers this question.  Layne knows that you get to celebrate Christmas and your birthday with Jesus.  In her tiny, two year old little voice she says, "Kaden's in heaven."  Mommy pictures you smiling and laughing up there.  Layne knows that heaven is a special, pretty place and that you get to be there.  She knows that one day we will get to be there with you, too.   That's Mommy's favorite part of this story.

Losing you has undoubtably been the most difficult part of Mommy and Daddy's lives.  Knowing the gift of everlasting life in heaven is before us is definitely what keeps us going.

We love you.  We miss you.  We always remember you.