Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To: Girl, Age 3

This Sunday we celebrated Christmas with you.

Just like last year, your Donna Ma felt like it was important to do something special during the holidays in a way to honor you.  Last year we used this day to thank the many special people who helped us get through the first full year without you.  This year, we thought we could make it even more purposeful by having a little Christmas gathering.

With love and joy-filled hearts, everyone brought a toy or clothing item meant for a child who is the same age you would have been this Christmas.  From baby dolls to puzzles, books to pajamas, a whole table was filled. Even Santa came to surprise the kids with candy canes and an open lap to share their special Christmas wishes.

After Santa headed off, Mommy, Donna Ma, and lots of family and friends began work as his little helpers in the basement wrapping and sorting all the gifts brought in your honor.  Angel Tree tags cinched big bags filled with the Christmas wishes of two little 3-year old girls. Other gifts were tagged with the names of little girls from Northern KY and Georgetown.  The rest were labeled with the age and gender that matched the gift inside.  These were going to be dropped off at the Home of the Innocence in Louisville. 

As the final gifts were tagged, your Donna Ma asked for all of them to be labeled "From: Kaden".  Mommy quickly volunteered to take on this job.  Mindlessly, Mommy began writing your name on the first few gifts.  After the third or fourth, Mommy began to get a little emotional.  It had been so long since I had written your name. With every "K" Mommy wrote, I could feel more and more tears well up in Mommy's eyes.  With every gift Mommy labeled from you came a mix of emotions - sadness, then joy.  Sadness - that these may have been the things you would have enjoyed as a little 3-year old.  Joy - that these few little girls may have their Christmas wishes come true because of you.  

This Sunday we celebrated Christmas with you. Even though you were not with us physically, your little life was honored in such a big way. Moments like these bring healing and peace to all of us who miss you so dearly.

Mommy loves you sweet girl...