Sunday, November 11, 2012


When you were just 9 months old Mommy and Daddy took you on your first little weekend trip to Nashville, TN.  Nashville is one of the many places Mommy and Daddy still go every year for Daddy's teams.

Just a year earlier, when you were in Mommy's belly, we were there.  I remember walking up and down those city streets.  At six months pregnant, Mommy felt winded at times from the baby weight.  Mommy sure slept well that night after walking up and down those hills. 

The next November, when you came with us, the weather was sunny and warm. It was a perfect weekend for making sweet memories as a little family. Even though Daddy had to work, there was a little time in between his schedule to do some fun things.  It was nice walking you in your stroller up and down the strip.  I felt as winded as the year before pushing you around, but loved every minute of it.  We would stop to listen to the music and at one little place we even got you to take a little catnap. That was very rare for you since you loved your bed so much!

I loved playing with you outside the center where Daddy's event was being held.  There was the perfect little grassy area just out front near some trees.  The fall leaves laid all around you.  You were so smiley and full of joy.  You loved being outside and around all the people.  That little spot was special.

The next year, after you were gone, Mommy went with Daddy again to Nashville. I thought for sure that since I had been there so many times before, it wouldn't be a problem for Mommy to hold it together. 

Just like always, Daddy had to be at the event much earlier than Mommy.  Just like before, Mommy planned to meet Daddy to watch his teams.  As Mommy walked the few blocks from the hotel to the center, memories of you came rushing back.  The closer I got, the more tears welled up in Mommy's eyes.  Just like all the times before, Mommy tried her best to hold back the flood of tears. 

As Mommy entered the building and walked to the main area to watch Daddy's teams, flashbacks of the year before pushing you around in your stroller came streaming back. To escape the rush of emotions, Mommy walked out front to get away from all the people.  Mommy didn't want anyone to see her cry. 

Mommy walked quickly out the front of the building. Some of the girls from Daddy's teams were taking pictures with their teammates. Behind them, Mommy saw the little patch of grass that we played on before.  This time, Mommy couldn't hold back the tears.  As fast as Mommy's legs would carry her, I walked as far away from the crowds as I could. 

Mommy found a quiet step to sit on and cried.

This past weekend, Mommy and Daddy went back to Nashville.  While Daddy had been there the year before, this was Mommy's first trip back.  This visit was so much different than Mommy's last.  This time Mommy had a little piece of you...your little sister, Layne. 

We stayed in the same hotel with the same "sweet dreams" pillows you once laid your head on.  Mommy walked Layne in her stroller on the same streets and watched with the best kind of joy imaginable as Layne ran and played on the same little patch of grass you once enjoyed.  To Mommy, these are the most precious moments I still have with you. They can never be taken away. Even though they are just memories, Mommy is so glad to have them and thankful to be able to enjoy them again.

Love you baby girl...
Kaden ~ 9 months - Nashville, TN