Monday, June 11, 2012

Reminders of You

Hi Sweet Baby Girl,

As Mommy finished up school for the year and as Layne continues to grow into such a sweet little girl, so much of these days feel like those final weeks we shared with you.  Sometimes watching her feels like watching you again.  Sometimes hearing her sounds takes me back to a moment in time when you were here with us.  Sometimes feeling her makes me miss feeling you that much more.  In so many ways Layne helps to remind us of you.  Here are just a few...

Seeing her wave at anyone or anything that looks her way.
Watching her crawl in the lap of the same big bear you once loved.
Feeling her tiny fingers gather cheerios from my hand when we're driving in the car.
Hearing her squeal when Daddy tickles her until she can't stand it anymore.
Seeing her get excited when we say "Do you want to go outside-side?".
Watching her throw a fit when her push toy gets stuck in a corner.
Feeling her lean in closer when we brush her teeth.
Hearing her tell you all about everything in her own little language.
Seeing her smile big as she goes down the hill in the little red wagon.
Watching her play with other kids with same pure joy as you once did.
Feeling the weight of her warm body on ours when we comfort her in the middle of the night.
Hearing her say "Mamma" and "Dadda" in much the same ways.
Seeing her pull out her hair bow only to hold it up as if to ask to put it back in again.
Watching her cradle her baby dolls in her arms and rock back and forth.
Feeling her squishy warm thigh in my hand when I hold her on my hip.
Hearing her little hands pat the ground as she crawls throughout the house.

Sometimes it's nice to get lost in the happiness we feel about life with Layne. For a minute we feel normal again. It's our sweet memories of you that remind us of the big part we are missing.  We love those memories and we love you just the same as when you were here.

We will always wonder what life might be like if we had you here with us.

Love you and miss you.