Monday, February 11, 2013

Angel Kisses

A few weeks ago while cleaning your sissy's bathroom sink, Mommy came upon a picture of you as a newborn.  It's a sweet picture in a pretty frame striped with the colors of your nursery and labeled with a k.  You were probably no more than a few days old when the picture was taken.  Mommy remembers taking it and trying so hard to capture the tiny little ID bracelet in the frame.

Looking at the close-up of your sweet little face, I was reminded of the tiny red marks that graced your eyelids as a newborn.  I remember asking the nurse while in the hospital what those little marks were and if they would go away.  She called them angel kisses and assured Mommy they would fade with time.

After a few weeks those little marks did fade away. 

Just a month or so ago Mommy started saying a night time prayer before bed with your sissy Layne.  In the dark of the night Mommy will hold Layne's hand in mine and whisper your sweet bedtime prayer.  Mommy's favorite part is the second line... 

May the angels watch me through the night and keep me in their precious sight.

I wonder if those little angel kisses you once had were placed there for a reason.  Perhaps God knew when you were born that one day you would be watching over us.  Maybe we need you up there to help give us something to look forward to after this life on earth is over...

Still, we love you and miss you the same.

Happy birthday sweet girl.