Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Sister!

Dear Kaden,

Today is a special day in more than one way...not only is it your day, but today we brought home your newborn sister. Layne made her entrance into this world three days ago and earlier than predicted. Layne was born on May 8th - Mother's Day. In many ways I think you and God had something to do with that. Oh, how special a day it turned out to be for Mommy.

Mother's day was the holiday I knew would be toughest for Mommy to celebrate without you. To be a mommy and feel like a mommy, means to have a baby to hold on special days like that. Even though I couldn't hold you, I knew you were watching me hold Layne. That was the best gift I could have received this Mother's Day!

With Layne here now days seem sweeter. In some ways Mommy and Daddy feel like life has been put into rewind and we are just starting over. Like many big and little sisters, you and Layne are so much alike. From your appearance to your personality, it will be neat to see how each of you are unique in your own ways.

Mommy was so excited we would be released to go home from the hospital today. I was excited most of all because it was your day. Mommy and Daddy decided the best way to celebrate your day and your new sister was to have a picnic at your spot. So, we packed up some snacks, Mammy's big purple quilt, a watering can for your flowers, and a big pink fluffy bow and headed to your spot. We spent more than an hour reminiscing, wondering, hoping, laughing, smiling, and sharing with Layne about her big sis.

We sure hope you find joy watching Mommy and Daddy love this new baby girl like we loved on you. We hope you know you are always on our minds and in our hearts. We sure love you baby girl!