Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet girl,

Just like every morning, you were the first thing on Mommy and Daddy's mind. Today is your day - the 11th. It was always special before and is extra special in its own way now that you're no longer here with us. You would be 21 months old today.

Today was the perfect day - sunny and especially warm for November. It would have been the perfect kind of day to spend with you outside.

Outside...your favorite place to be. You would stand at the big sliding glass doors in the kitchen, smack your hands and say, "Si-Si!". You also loved to swing and slide. You loved to walk on the deck and look through the rails down at Daddy working in the yard. Daddy remembers the time when you were sitting next to the flowerbed and a whole slew of little yellow butterflies flew up all around you. Your big blue eyes lit up with excitement at the sight.

Another of your very favorites with Daddy and outside was wagon rides. You loved being pulled around the yard, giggling, laughing, and bouncing on your bottom the whole way. But the highlight of the ride was when Daddy would get in with you at the top of the big hill and fly down to the bottom over and over again. Your smile and laughter was so contagious.

Now, in our backyard close to the big hill, is a waterfall and garden made just for you. It's amazing how God works His goodness through complete strangers. Mommy and Daddy thought a little pond would be a good way to spend time remembering you. Who would have thought that our little idea would be turned into such a powerful project? So many good people gave of their time, resources, and talents to give Mommy and Daddy this special garden. Nature's Expressions created the most amazing place for us to spend time with you, our sweet girl.

We miss you every day and wish so much that you could be here to see the fish swim and splash your feet in the water.

Love you baby girl.