Thursday, August 11, 2011

When You Wake Up...

When Mommy was pregnant with you I read everything I could get my hands on. Just like many first time Mommies I wanted to do everything by the book. I was determined to find the best ways to do it all. What I wanted most was for you to be a good sleeper.

Babywise was the book I loved most. I had heard all kinds of people use this approach. I loved the matter-of-fact nature of the nap and bedtime routines. What I liked most was the idea that sleep would be a happy time, not frustrating. Even though it took all kinds of convincing on Mommy's part to get all your grandma's on board with the idea of not rocking you to sleep, eventually they complied - at least when Mommy was around :).

Somewhere in my search to make you the best baby I could, I also read about the importance of reassuring your baby you would always return. Every time Mommy laid you in your bed for a nap or put you down for the night I would always say the same things. I was adamant that bedtime would be an enjoyable part of your day.

From the time you were eight weeks old you proved to be a good sleeper. While nap times were sometimes more difficult than bedtimes, within a few months you were going down for both with barely a fuss. By the time you were a year old nap and bedtimes were easy breezy. Once laid in your bed Mommy would run my finger down the slope of your tiny little nose, gently tap the end, and say "Mommy will see you when you wake up!". You would smile real sweet, close your eyes, tilt your head to one side, and start twirling your hair between your fingers. In the baby monitor, Mommy would watch you doze off.

At every nap and every bedtime I said those words to you just before you drifted off to sleepy town. I never thought in a million years there would be a time when that wouldn't be true.

Sweet Kaden Layne, we miss you so much. We cannot believe Mommy and Daddy laid you down to sleep for the last time over a year ago. Everyday we are reminded how blessed we were to have you, even if only for a few months. We are thankful for the memories we made and the joy we shared during those short 16 months.

Each day, as we look at your little sister, we see more and more of you. Sometimes it's in her appearance. Other times it's in her little personality. We embrace all the tender moments a Mommy and Daddy share with their new baby and reminisce in the precious times we spent with you, Sweet Baby Girl, on this earth.

We miss you sweet girl.