Monday, March 11, 2013


Hi Baby Girl...

It's March and spring is around the corner.  Mommy and Daddy are loving the time we can get together playing outside with Layne. We always think about how life would be so much sweeter if we had you here, too.

Layne is just five months older than what you were when you were last here with us.  With every month that goes by, every milestone she reaches, and every memory we make with Layne, Mommy and Daddy realize even more how much we are missing out on by not having you here. 

Just the other morning, when Mommy went in to get Layne up for the day, she lay sweetly on her tummy looking at Mommy.  Mommy sat down next to her just outside her crib and began to ask her if she slept well.  She said yes and began to ramble about what she did the day before with her babysitter, Anna. 

Layne is becoming such a sweet little girl.  It's difficult for Mommy to call her a baby anymore because she is no longer that.  Even though Layne is younger, I feel like you are still my baby girl, sweet Kaden. 

Mommy often wonders what our conversations would be like.

Love and miss you, sweet girl.

Kaden ~ 16 months
Layne ~ 22 months