Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Two-Dollar Bill

A few weeks ago Mommy took your little sister to Big Lots.  As soon as we walked through the automatic door she saw the little yellow bus.  She had ridden the bus just a few times before and talked about it for days and days after.  She loves to ride that little bus. 

As always, Mommy knew she had absolutely no money in her wallet.  Just like with you, Mommy never carries money, only her debit card.  Mommy knew that if we bought something we could get cash back so we could have money to ride that bus.

After walking around the store and picking out a few things for Layne’s upcoming birthday, Mommy walked to the checkout counter to pay.  The nice lady at the checkout desk greeted Layne with a smile and commented on her ever so polite requests to ride the bus.  As Mommy finished checking out I was surprised to see there was no cash back option at this store.  Rummaging around in my purse, I searched for enough coins to make the 50 cents needed to ride the bus.  No luck.  The yellow bus sat across from us.  Mommy could see the anticipation in Layne’s eyes as she smiled about what was to come. Mommy glanced down to the two-dollar bill that lay tucked in the back of my wallet.  I thought about you. I couldn’t use it. 

Just in time, the sweet lady at the checkout desk reached in her apron, placed two quarters out on the counter, smiled, and said, “Here you go, Princess”.  At the exact same time, the young lady in line behind us laid 50 cents next to my wallet. Overwhelmed with gratitude Mommy thanked both of them and prompted Layne to do the same. In her little voice Layne smiled and thanked them both.

Those two nice women went on about their business. Grinning from ear to ear, Layne rode the little school bus. Mommy felt so happy to enjoy this moment with Layne and relief that I didn’t have to use my two-dollar bill.  Those two women will never know how much that truly meant to me.

Mommy got that two-dollar bill a few months after you passed away.  Your Donna Ma gave it to me.  She said she had been saving it to give to you on your second birthday.  Since she wouldn’t be able to do that she wanted me to have it.  For the past three years I have carried that two-dollar bill in the same wallet I had when you were here with us. No one really knew about it.  Not even Daddy.  For some reason seeing it everyday didn’t make me sad.  Mommy kept it there to remind me of you.

Even though that two-dollar bill was given to Mommy after you were gone, it reminds me that everyday we had with you was a blessing.  For all those days we miss out on I know we will somehow make up for when we see you again in heaven. It’s the little reminders that Mommy holds on to most.

This week your baby sister turned two.  On Thursday Daddy came home from work with a surprise in his hand.  Pinched between his fingers he held up a crisp two-dollar bill.   “I got it special for your piggy bank,” he said as he gave it to Layne.  She took it from his hand and began to dance around holding it up in the air. 

“Thank you, Daddy!”

Mommy placed Layne’s two-dollar bill on her dresser next to your picture. 

Love you and miss you sweet girl…