Monday, April 11, 2016

Blessings Reminded

Hi Sweet Girl,

Another month has come and gone.  So much has happened in these last 30 days.  Jack began walking and started talking more and more. While we still can't make out most of what he is saying, we're still pretty sure he's got "nana" and "nigh, nigh" under his belt.  Since bananas are his most favorite of all (he can eat a whole one by himself) and snuggling with his soft blankie Grandma Trish gave him when he was first born right before bed, it's no wonder he knows those.  Mommy remembers a sweet baby that was just like him. ;)

This month has also been a reminder of another kind.  A reminder of a lesson Mommy and Daddy once learned a little over five years ago.

Each school night Mommy packs Layne's lunch and I'm reminded of how lucky I am to get to see your little sister learn and go to school with her friends.  Mommy remembers a time when just the thought of you not having the chance to grow and play like all your little friends would break my heart.  I would have given anything to see you grow up along with your little friends.

Each afternoon Mommy looks around at the chaos and clutter that fills our kitchen and floors and I take a deep breath and remind myself just how lucky I am to hear the pitter-patter of two sets of little feet chase each other down the hall.  Mommy remembers a time when our house seemed too quiet and way too clean, even for this OCD momma.  I remember a time when I would have given anything to have a reason to do something for you.

Every weekend it seems Mommy is stretching and twisting to help relax the muscles in my lower back - a little reminder of how lucky I am to get to hold your husky little sack-of-potatoes of a little brother.  Mommy remembers a time when just seeing another mother hold her baby would make me so sad that I couldn't hold mine.  I would have given anything to feel the weight of your warm little body resting on mine.

This month has been a hard one.  Not nearly as much for Mommy as it has been on a dear friend.  Let's just say that Mommy and Daddy and lots of other mommies and daddies are reminded to appreciate the simple times we have with each other every day.  These blessings that each day holds, even the small ones that don't get noticed as such, are more near and dear than we can imagine, especially when we no longer have them to share.

Sweet Girl...say hello to my friend Mr. Buttercup. Let him know there are a lot of people down here who miss him so, so much already.

Love you, miss you, and think of you always.