Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl,

It's crazy to think you would have turned five years old today.  Last night was a pretty sad night for Mommy.  Memories of the night before you were born played out scene by scene in Mommy's mind.  From the late night Mommy spent preparing Valentine activities for my second graders, to the UK game Mommy watched with Daddy on TV.  The giant kick Mommy felt from you was such a surprise -that's what started it three weeks earlier than Mommy was due.  What an exciting time it was for Mommy and Daddy.  So much anticipation, nervousness, and uncertainty.

In the first days after you were born, Mommy was so concerned about how close your birthday was to Valentine's day.  I didn't want you to grow up having to compete with such a holiday.  I wanted your day to be special for you. Mommy already had it planned out for your birthday to be separate every year. Valentine's Day would just be a bonus!

And so, it was nice that it was on Valentine's day when we first brought you home from the hospital.  Mommy and Daddy called you our little valentine.  You were the best gift Mommy could have asked for.  Mommy and Daddy fell so in love.

Such sweet memories…

When you passed away our hearts were broken.  While time has helped, our hearts have not completely healed.

Today, on your fifth birthday, Mommy wonders what you would be like.  On Friday, Valentine's Day, Mommy will remember how you filled our hearts with so much love.  Everyday, Mommy will think of you and be grateful for the joy you brought to us in your short little life.

Love and miss you always...