Saturday, February 11, 2017


The beautiful flowers Mommy's teacher friends from school sent today.
Overwhelmed seems to be the feeling Mommy has these days.

Overwhelmed by the meetings and appointments on Mommy's calendar.

Overwhelmed by the stack of school work Mommy has yet to grade.

Overwhelmed by the mountain of laundry that's taken over the floor of Mommy's closet.

Overwhelmed by the to-do list Mommy never has time to even write. There's always something that takes priority the moment Mommy has enough peace to think.

Overwhelmed by the mess that clutters Mommy's counter in the kitchen and the floor of our home office.

Overwhelmed by the number of pots Mommy has in the fire of this life at the moment.

Overwhelmed by the bittersweet memories of today, eight years ago, when you were born.

February 11th.  It's on your birthday my sweet Kaden Layne, Mommy is reminded to keep it all in perspective.
Mommy will never forget how beautiful your eyes always were.

On this unusually warm Saturday I'm almost certain Mommy would have been ok being a little more overwhelmed.

A little more overwhelmed deciding which school friends of yours to invite to your birthday party today.

A little more overwhelmed trying to decide on a theme and a place and a cake and all that which comes with putting a party together.

A little more overwhelmed trying to figure out a way to manage three kids instead of two while getting all the food for your party prepared.

A little more overwhelmed trying to keep the house straight before all our guest arrived to celebrate you.

Mommy would be ok with being a little more overwhelmed.

Just the three of us.  We loved being a family with you. 
So today, Mommy won't complain about never having a moment to do what I need to do.  Instead, I will check off the calendar all we accomplished this week and be grateful for the people and opportunities God has placed in Mommy's life.

Today, Mommy won't stress over the house being a complete and total mess.  Instead, I'll admire the toys and books and step over the cars and papers and clothes that clutter our floor and be grateful that I have your brother and sister to make a mess.

Today, Mommy won't get grouchy over spending all day to catch up on laundry.  Instead, I'll carry that load and match all those little socks with a grateful heart. There was a time when that basket wasn't nearly as full.

Today, Mommy is overwhelmed in a good way as we remember and celebrate your life .  The love and compassion extended to our family is so nice.  Messages, prayers, sweet gestures and more! We are so grateful and certain we couldn't get through this day without them.

Happy Birthday to you, our dear Kaden Layne Harris.

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